Monday, April 13, 2009

Ok, enough of this. I went to the tomato and basil plants tonight and apologized to them for planting them in the garden already. It's effing freezing out there. My huge jade plant will just have to deal. 

I just threw a shoe at Lupine, my diabolical semi-feral cat because she was beating up Lola (again). Gawd, what is the problem, the house is warm, they just had dinner, there are no dogs around anymore. Lupine was so sweet when I adopted her. Little did I know she was just weak from hunger (she ate a peanut butter sandwich) and as soon as she regained her strength, she started kicking butt. She'll bite and scratch for no earthly reason and I'm stuck. I can't give her to the pound. I can't give her away without some disclosure about her personality disorder. She's young and healthy and she'll probably outlive me. 

There is a pint of coffee Coconut Bliss, heroin for vegans, in the freezer and I'm not even tempted. I'm having a bagel with fake cream cheese and edamame for dinner. I know, not very balanced. 

It's hard to be an ethical person. I'm attempting to live in a alternate reality.

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