Friday, April 10, 2009

Last night was my writer's workshop and so heavenly to be in Rebecca's living room with snacks and wine and R's famous Alice in Wonderland teapot. Because I spend too much time alone, going out to hang with writers makes me so happy, especially poets. 

Aftereffects of my retreat: I woke up during the night and lay weeping for all the animals I have eaten in my life. I asked forgiveness from them and it was a dang long list. 

Time to go swimming in the city pool. Me and the old ladies in their big old bathing suits in water aerobics class. I might get me one of those suits with a little skirt on it, like the hippos in Fantasia. In pink.

I pray for R and her teeth.


Marta Sanchez said...

I love the bathing suit with ruffles idea. It reminds me of the remake of Stepford Wives and the exercise scene - Spin Cycle Spin Cycle.

beth coyote said...

totally and hi, Marta!