Sunday, January 11, 2009

What's with curling-the sport, eh? Scrubbing a big round stone thing with brooms up and down the court. I bet it's Scottish. Love Oban, but haggis, kilts and large stick heaving, well, they are sorta my people so I can scoff.

I submitted poems tonight. It only took about 4 hours because my cable/internet is glacial.

Wishbone has passed out on the scratching post after frollicking with catnip. I say, "Hey, you wanna get high?" and they come right over. Three cat faces looking up at me, waiting to roll in catnip. I think they should go to work tomorrow so I can stay here in my bathrobe all day.

One thing about being vegan. It's a cheap grocery ride. Everything has some kind of animal in it. I will admit, I bought leather shoes when I was on Orcas Island. Major sale, helping the islanders with their dreadful xmas season...And anyway, they are red. Who can refuse red shoes?

I have been staying up way too late, too afraid to go to sleep. Um, I just don't want to sleep, yes, I know it is a symptom of depression, so? Maybe I'm not quite over my brother's death. Maybe there are monsters under the bed waiting for me to fall asleep so they can eat me. I'm going to bed right now, with the NYT. And a handful of cats.

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