Sunday, January 25, 2009

Welcome to Denver

Maya and I went to Denver this weekend and heard the piece Diane Benjamin wrote using five poems about women/war/peace etc. One of the poems was mine and I thought, what the heck, I'll go and hear the Denver Women's Choir sing it. So we went to Denver, which if you have never been, is very clean and very high up in the air so you get out of breath going up stairs. There was much groovy-ness (sp-help me Martha!) there, electro cars, rent-a bikes for city employees, vegan restaurants and lots o space. I think the city might be itty and then there is massive prarie all around, not many trees. Today on the way to the airport we saw three coyotes (howdy brothers!) loping along beside the highway. Also the sign above. Hmmm. Thoughtful, too.

Everyone was so polite and helpful. It made me a little nervous. We tried to visit the State capitol building but it was closed. However, the art museum wasn't and we spent all afternoon there. Oh, Denver has sun, something I'm not used to in a city, Seattle being a hobbit hole type of place. And the art museum had beautiful light, so much so that the prone woman who looks so lifelike in a surreal way has to be put in a shady place because otherwise she gets 'tan'. I'm never sure about making art that looks exactly like something; bodies, hairdryers, hubcaps, etc out of lipstick or gum wrappers or dental floss. I prefer big messy canvases so I can go up to them and bury myself in the paint and the brush strokes. One painting was a copy of a photograph a la Chuck Close and you couldn't even see any strokes, it was absolutely smooth.

I forgot that the concert involved music. Singing. Beautiful voices. I thought I might jump out of my skin. I was asked to stand up TWICE as one of the poets. I'm sure I turned a deep horrid red. 'My' poem-song had a soloist, egad and her voice was lovely. I thought after jumping up and making a fool of myself I would faint or cry big heaving sobs. And with my kid beside me. Fortunately, I held it together and didn't wet myself after all. When I get a copy of the concert, I'll post it, if I can stand it. The conposer told me she might contact me again with a request to write for her.

Oh, the Seattle ariport is a wee bit lax in the security check area. They missed a (mostly)empty tube of toothpaste, skin lotion and most importantly, a tiny penknife on my key chain. O0000. But those Denver folks were on the ball! They even gave me a baggie to put my non-offending items in after giving me a lecture and pointing out the 4 oz lettering on the tubes and waggling the dreadful penknife in my face. I was appropriately chasened. And the city was saved by their quick wittedness.

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