Monday, January 12, 2009

love affliction

“The showers are for bathing. Please do not urinate in the showers.
Use the toilets for urination.”

Medgar Evars Swimming Pool, Seattle, WA


I don’t care about your back taxes or the hole in your roof your thighs are my favorite kind of dessert topping my hands hurt from the roses they are bastards ripping your special LL Bean outerwear catalog with their name tags I crave your beatitudes when you exhale I see stars oh the milky way melts on my navel I have a series to co-write with the endangered species act so wait for me in the backseat our special date night I rub the naugahyde with my taillights I could caress your stumps all day lick my grammatical errors I’ll drink your bathtub if you fill it with delicious eyebuds all my dreams came true when you showed up at the Jiffy Mart in an adorable ski mask I know you didn’t mean to step on my feet that’s ok I have more feet I love your verbal poetry the way you use a nail gun piss off the porch I’ll give you a gangplank polish my apple I’ll give you a headlock quell your phobias with a Cub Scout I’ll give you a wallop

your affectionate lout

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