Tuesday, December 16, 2008

There is bad awful juju going on right now and I can't really talk about it except to say that children should not play with guns, parents need to unload them and lock them up, ok? I grew up with guns in the house and my dad or my brothers unloaded them and locked them away in a cabinet. We NEVER played with them.

And more bad things are happening and I won't go there. I sent money to the nuns in Kopan monastery in Nepal and they will say prayers for healing for a whole year for some people I love. Parts of this year has really sucked. I'm not sure how we carry all the sorrow and all the pleasure at the same time, how to hold it. All the comings and all the goings.

I might have popcorn for dinner with brewer's yeast on it. I haven't been drinking at all but maybe tonight I should have a wee bit of Scotch. As I once said to a friend when she called me to tell me her boyfriend had just dumped her, "This calls for Scotch," and I walked over to her house with a bottle. We put away a great deal and I walked home. I had to call her to tell her I made it safely. It was only a few blocks but it was a few loooong blocks. I think self medication is, at times, appropriate. And necessary.

Goodnight, Irene, goodnight.

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