Monday, December 22, 2008

Now we're waiting for a baby cuz babies want to be born in a frickin' snow buried city. I took the bus and walked many blocks to get to my clinic today. This bus ride was as entertaining as last. The driver talked to himself the entire trip, "whoa, there, a big skid, well, here we go, stand back, I gotta see the side mirror, well, that looks like a mess up ahead, I'm riding in the middle of the road to avoid the ice, whoa, a large bump, etc." There were so many people on the bus, a few folks were sitting on the stairs in front of the pneumatic doors, which is, I think, against regulations. And we drove by people standing and waiting because we were so full. Reminded me of the NYC subways, so smooshed together you can't turn around.

I did see a snow plow on Rainier today. quite shocking. I thought they were mythical beasts in Seattle.

In this weather, I feel smarter, fresher, more alive. I think my parents put me in the snow when I was born and I didn't die so they brought me inside and raised me. I still have a tail.

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