Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Surround the placentas with kitty litter and fill the bucket. Replace the lid, affix the label and call the service.

OK, we'll do that. We have a freezer full of placentas. Placentas and ice cubes.

One of our moms had a heart shaped placenta this year. We taped a picture of it to the computer. Some think placentas are gross. We don't, we think they are preeeeeeety.

Bless the baby Jesus. At least he came out of the right orifice. Buddha came out of his mother's armpit, ouch. At least it was painless, or so they say. Boy, you wouldn't want to shave for while after that. Because of my work, I am intolerant of obstetrical inaccuracies. I can't help it.

Josh wants me to write a poem completely of trite phrases and pathetic fallacies. I do love a good challenge. Sparkling drops of dew on the delicate velvet petals of the mournful rose, here I come! Yeehaw!


Radish King said...

Josh is a very bad influence.

beth coyote said...

the worst

Radish King said...

I'm going to make him memorize John Ruskin's essay on pathetic fallacy. That'll show him.


Valerie Loveland said...

I just looked up photos of placentas on Google because I realize I never got a good look at one.

JCoberly said...

I'm melting! I'm melting!

JCoberly said...

Am I so wicked?

beth coyote said...

Josh-you behave. Now see what you did?

Valerie-you can dry placentas and powder them and cap them. Lots of hormones and yum! Probably too much information.

Rebecca-that's really cruel. Can I watch?

April said...


Why is that making me hungry?

JCoberly said...

I'm afraid I was born on a full moon.