Friday, October 17, 2008

Throw your old suit on the fire

when I squint you float on ashes
the burn marks are gone
we used fade cream
as usual a miracle
my darling
I sag in your presence
my ligaments have lost their burnish
you swirl your marvelous hair
a gathering of hoopla
after the pruning
kites were found in the tire treads
we sighed in unison
(you must move out)
before I am forced to put iron filings
in your mutton sauce
walk with me to the gravel pit
algae shaped like the face of Jesus


GoGo said...

Happy journeys!!!! Appreciate this poem as well as the entry about the oyesters and the grapes. I heart food. I heart food humor even more. :)


beth coyote said...

Thanks and I leave today, omg

Laura Gamache said...

oh my golly gosh this is a beautiful poem in my happy mouth. My internet is intermittent here in the high country - traveling to India and Nepal with pen and paper and no computer is RAD!!!! (you mad ascetic you!)
xoxooxo, L