Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Things to pack for India:
1. fleecy hat for Nepal
2. washable undies
3. sunscreen
4. mosquito repellant
5. toothbrush
6. water treatment tablets (taste yucky)
7. hand wipey things
8. travelers checks
9. passport
10. meditation bench (comes apart)
11. money belt

The money belt is going to make my waist look, uh, weird. Like lumpy. I have to trade in the travelers checks for rupees. At least rupees don't have pictures of the queen on them like Canada. Or maybe they do. My friend I am traveling with plans to buy a skirt when she gets there. I'm afraid to venture out. I fear I will be fleeced. And don't drink the water. Ever. You will be sorry. 

When I come home, the new regime will be in place. Gawd. 


April said...

Do you normally wear unwashable undies?

beth coyote said...

don't be a wise-acre. I usually wear undies made of CANDY of course and that's why they call me 'candy-ass'.

GoGo said...

totes was gonna make the same comment. :) ~gg

Laura Gamache said...

they have a great brand of mosquito repellent in India - get THAT when you're there - I'll see if I can find my book (not likely). There's also bottled water all over the place - make sure the bottle is sealed if you buy water - refilling is a cottage industry. Excited for you!!!!

JCoberly said...

Maybe a head-net to keep the bugs off if you're going into really buggy area. One helped me through the worst of a five day hike on the icicle ridge trail - besieged by biters.

I have one you could borrow.