Sunday, October 12, 2008

I spent the last 2 days making grape jelly from my grapes and they didn't effing jel. This is a tragedy of epic proportions. It involves decanting all the jelly and starting over, more sugar, more pectin and more burned fingers, gobs of jelly on the stove/floor/walls and sugar all over everything. Why do I do this every year? Because homemade jelly is delicious and the unsweetened juice is delicious and this beautiful dark red color. And the grapes are free and they grow over the hot tub. I pick a smidge amount of grapes and the raccoons eat the rest. I can't get up there to get the ones on the top. They are all tangled up in the vines.

I also have two winter squash on the counter. One is a giganto acorn and the other is my favorite, a buttercup. She is a beauty and she weighs a ton. I might have to eat her before I leave on my trip.

The apples always look crappy, covered with scab and usually wormy. I eat them anyway. My neighbors have a pear tree and I must say, pear sauce is sublime. Tastes like butter. Butter, I tell you.

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