Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Milo, Maya and Eden are all here. Milo came in this morning in his Superman jammies, complete with cape. Last summer he was Superman all day, changing to Spiderman only when Superman's duds were too grungy, like when Superman turned bad and didn't shave. He also has Superman dolls with long capes for 'flying' around the house. This involves launching them from the bed or down the stairs. The result is 'broken neck Superman' and 'splatto Superman'.

Eden and I engaged in a cooking marathon yesterday. I forgot what it is like to have my family here. There is luggage and laundry everywhere. Friends come over to visit. We went to the store for provisions because, god forbid, we should starve. We made lasagna (with special homemade sauce, of course), African peanut stew and a giant salad with spelt berries in it. Who knew you could cook spelt berries. They brought a huge drippy bag of blackberries for a crumble but they are still in the fridge, making a puddle. On Thursday, we're going camping on the coast where Milo can fly from the dunes in his red cape.

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