Sunday, August 10, 2008

I am recently arrived from Westport which, if you don't know, is on the coast of Washington where the BIG ocean is, not the little Puget Sound. I was there with my family and friends. It poured torrents. You wake up at night and the rain is bearing down on you and you are hoping you are not lying in a trough where a large puddle will be forming any minute. The only large guy person, Brian, built a fire with lighter fluid and that, apparently appeased the rain gods and it was sunny today so we could leave on a good note. Milo was in fine form in his Superman pjs and Hazel, the 3 year old wonder girl was there too. She swims in the NW ocean and she is FEARLESS. I believe the world will survive because Hazel is here and she will see to it. My friend Judith played Scrabble with me and whipped my ass. I hate that when someone says, "ah shucks, I don't play this very well" and they proceed to kill you.

In the morning, I could hear the kids singing songs about ducks and then they would get up at some gawdawful hour like 6 AM and stick their heads in the tents so we would get up, start the day and help them find and catch frogs. I told them they were poison dart frogs but they didn't believe me.

Children eat constantly. I had forgotten this fact. And they leave partly chewed apples around and the mothers finish them off. I remember that part. I did not have any s'mores. S'mores are gross, so sweet they make my teeth hurt. I remember liking them as a child, yuck. Sitting around the fire was our favorite unless it was pouring, which it mostly was. I smell like wood smoke now. I like it. It is a friendly camping kind of smell.

Tonight I will sleep in a bed with sheets and no one will be singing duck songs in the morning. Drat.

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