Tuesday, May 13, 2008

my cat is doing that thing where she kneads the fuzzy blanket she is on and she puts her lips on the edge like she is 'nursing'-clearly a case of premature weaning. this is why she is demented and horrible. she actually growls at me WHEN I FEED HER. then she hisses. she is also bipolar and not in a cute way. the sad fact is that cats will never leave home, they will never 'outgrow' their little pecadillos, they will never even vacuum!!! what the heck, I ask you. and we tolerate this. we indulge them with kitty treats and catnip.

mr cat, may he rest in peace, once found an entire bag of catnip in a partially opened kitchen drawer. in the morning, there was catnip EVERYWHERE, countertops, all over the floor, in the sink and in the drawers. AND there were long slide marks through the floor catnip, he had obviously been sliding through the rye and having a monster party.

still, the way they hook your lower lip in the morning while you are still sleeping, it's just so adorable. especially when you wonder where the blood on your sheets has come from. oh.


Radish King said...

Paris the Genius Cat vacuums.

beth coyote said...

nuh-uh, he does not.he's too short.