Saturday, May 17, 2008

more cat adventures

ramey is in my office in a hospital bed with her leg in a giant cast and a table with hundreds of pill bottles on it so wishbone, my big guy decided to get an abcess on his face, a HUGE ONE. in depair, we went to the vet so he could be knocked out and they could deal with his icky wound. now, of course, he is home with a cone around his neck and a tube sticking out of his face, yeah!! I'm supposed to give him medicine twice a day. meanwhile, he bangs around the house with his tail twitching. he even managed to get through the cat door to the basement. I have no idea how he did it. pure will.

I haven't written anything coherent for weeks. I wake up in the morning and cry for while. it is all too much, it really is. i just looked up my brother's obit. he 'died suddenly' at 51. Right. suicide is pretty sudden I guess.

i actually watered tonight. it got hot. tomorrow it should snow. I started to buy a watermelon at the coop and it was 4.95 a pound-worked out to a 25 dollar watermelon. Nope, I don't really need it after all.

I'm gonna go to a vedic astrologer. maybe he can help make sense of things. no more disasters, ok?

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