Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Jack Straw said nyet but you can hear me read on qarrtsiluni.com. And my lovely new apple won't print anything from WORD. It WILL print from my email so maybe I should email my poems to myself and print from there...GRRR. So back to the apple store and the blue shirts.

I had my hair ironed today. I'm in the growing-it-out stage, so right, I have the recently released look and I have been trying to pretend I look, you know, dashing and debonair, however my hairdresser person disabused me of that idea pretty quick. She said, "I can fix that." Now I have actual bangs and really straight hair that is all swingy because she ironed the whole thing. I will not be ironing my hair any time soon. I would burn myself and end up looking like Edward Scissorhands after a laundry accident. So for one evening, I am going to walk around my house swinging my head and pretending I am John Lennon in the first Beatle's movie. I think I look smashing. Maybe I'll have a little glass of port too and put on my fleece bathrobe, ol swingy haired me, la la.


GoGo said...

Damn u Apple!

How long does straigten hair last?


beth coyote said...

Well, straightened hair lasts til the next day if you sleep carefully and don't get your head wet in your shower. I still have swingy hair but I bet I won't tomorrow. Something will happen, like rain. Then the swingy hair will be, alas, a memory.