Tuesday, January 22, 2008


is a thing, for sure. I went on retreat and we were at Crsecent Lake at the Olympic Park Institute, so gorgeous, I mean really gorgeous, eagles and deer and mountains and nature everywhere. And we got to sit in this beautiful hall, so quiet, dim lights and the usual squirming and pain in the knee and so forth. Then, I got really sick, fever, cough, nasty snot, the whole tortilla. And we are staying in little cabins with plastic on the matresses. We're not supposed to read or anything but I brought Dean Young and I'm trying to read him and with a --pfffffft--the ceiling light burned out so true misery set in. Like any good Buddhist, I left as soon as I could. Rats, actually, but I thought I might die during the night. Ok, so it is just a cold, you say. Yeah, but it could have gone into my ear and into my brain and KILLED ME. Of course, my teacher told us that Ajahn Chah, a Burmese teacher, had to have his teeth extracted so he walked to the neighboring village and had them pulled out WITHOUT ANESTHETIC, ow-ey. And I'm whining about a lousy cold. Anyway.

Today the sun is coming in the windows and illuminating all the little cat nose smears where they sit and look out and make that jittery cat noise with their mouths when they are watching birds. Maybe they think they are sounding like a bird and 'calling' to birds. Hopeless, really hopeless.


turdpress said...

My cat, Bentley, does the jittery sound when you say his name in a high pitched voice or sneeze.

I don't which is more retarded. My cat making the noise at all the wrong times or me fake sneezing all the time just to see him do it.

beth coyote said...

My cat, Wishbone, the 15# wonder has this squeek noise he makes which I think he thinks is a proper 'meow'. I look at him in disbelief every time, like, is that it, is that all you can do?

Radish King said...

i'm going to be rolling around crescent lake tomorrow morning early first fog.

beth coyote said...

oh, crescent lake, soooooooooooo wonderful and you can stop at the sunny farms place and get an organic anything.