Wednesday, January 07, 2015

We had our practice review today. What is a practice review, you ask. Well, my dears, our malpractice company sends a reviewer to our clinic and harangues us to rewrite protocols, consent forms and the like. And she reads charts for completeness and accuracy. I did a bit of nervous eating today.

She'll consider all this for a month and then we get a letter of many pages with a long list of stuff to fix. Gaaaaaaaa, This process is good, of course and important. My problem is that I'm not OCD in that way. In other ways, sure. Clumps of cat hairs on the furniture, under the kitchen table, decapitated rats on the floor, of course I go after all that. With energy and fury.

But the tinkering required to improve consent forms, it just makes me tired. This is when I envy the big daddy medical centers who have WHOLE DEPARTMENTS  devoted to this very thang. The writers of such documents and the legal department chiming in and so forth.

I mean, we're tiny. It's me and two other midwives and a receptionist and a few part-timers who do random papery things. Well, not my insurance biller. She's essential boy howdy. Our young new whippersnapper midwife has offered to jump into the project, bless her.

Big announcement-----da da ta da. I have new doors with handles and deadbolts. And keys. This is a major development. Next there will be a cat door to the actual outside world and not just into the construction zone. We've been contemplating '''''''''lighting''''''''' too. Light fixtures. Sconces and if you know me at all, I effing adore sconces. And deep bathtubs but I'm getting ahead of myself.

I like scones too. They're sconces without the 'c'. And they're edible although the light from sconces is pretty delicious. Maybe they make sconces in the shape of scones.

I've frittered away enough here because i'm stalling. I have to purchase three plane tickets for the girls and me to go to the UK. I promised myself we'd do this for my 65th b'day and yep, that's this year. $$ is tight but somehow we're going. Agh.

Stonehenge. Whiskey. The moors. Hounds of the Baskervilles. The Royals. (snicker) Bubble and squeak. The white cliffs of Dover.


Ms. Moon said...

Well, when it comes time to redo your forms, close your eyes and think of England.

beth coyote said...


Elizabeth said...

Oh, my. The trip!

Sabine said...

Lighting could make all the difference, theoretically. In so many respects.

Don't leave out Cornwall.

And the London markets, don't leave the country before you've been there, just don't!

Jo said...

Heh, Mary, good advice :D

I'm glad you said that about scones, because of course I read scones instead of sconces.

Radish King said...

I can't wait for doors for you and reports from England and yes yes a very very deep tub. Goodness all around.

Betsy said...

You should totally hire someone to djust do whatever those people say and don't worry your pretty head about the forms. Just worry about catching the babies. And stonehenge.

PS - I love how to prove I'm not a robot, I just have to click the box that says, "I'm not a robot". A robot could NEVER CLICK THAT BOX. In a billion years.


beth coyote said...

RK-all in good time, my pretty.

Betsy-I'm not a robot either but I could use one around here. Can you teach them to walk the dog?