Monday, January 05, 2015

If you're a rat, you don't stand a chance.

Did I ever say how windy my neighborhood is? The remainder of the tarps flap and flap ( I will miss that sound) and the wood pile my electrician put in my yard BLEW DOWN. No really. So after my in-the-dark swim in the pool I stacked wood. All before 7AM. I am a damn wonder woman.

Waiting on the dentist. I'm supposed to be doing clinic today. Back to work, insurance companies are threatening to cut me off because my paperwork isn't in order (yes, it is), WEB hosting has an outdated credit card number and is threatening to bla bla bla.

What about civility? Why all the mistrust, people? I've been faithfully paying for a whole shitload of things: mortgage, loans, rent on the clinic, malpractice insurance, health insurance, utility bills, etc. on time, every month for fucking YEARS.

I wonder about my Facebook page after I die. How's that for a segue? I mean, it's weird. People can still check in with you even though you're on the other shore, as it were. Of course, you can't reply to comments but your page could go on indefinitely.

Ok, time to call the nice dentist. It's past 9AM.

BTW-I found Hugo in the kitchen last night as I was brushing my teeth (remember, I have no sink in the bathroom so many personal rituals happen at the kitchen sink). Anyway, he was happily munching on the top half of a full grown rat. Yetch. I  picked up the dead thing by the tail and dropped it into the garbage can. Ewwwwwwww. And he looked so offended. Why did I take his snack away from him, why???

Remind me why we have pets again? Oh, right, companionship and an opportunity to be inside the lives of other species.



Ms. Moon said...

My kids want my blog password so they can tell people when I die. I think this is good thinking.
We have pets because we're weird.
I hope all goes well at the dentist. I hope you get a bathroom sink soon.

Birdie said...

Nobody I know in my personal life reads my blogs so if I go tits up everything on my blog will just go quiet.

Pets. My own Ungrateful Bastard make me wonder about that every day. He doesn't love me. He doesn't even like me. He allows me to live in the house I bought and paid for. But, I love him! I love to hug and squeeze him and give him kisses. I guess love is what it is all about.

Jo said...

Well, also, I guess the cat eating rats is better than being overrun with rats... I've seen those videos too. Gah.

Not that I don't like rats, but preferably not in large numbers, or in my house.

I suspect that the answer to the facebook question is that your healh insurance company will continue to harrass you via it after your death.

Jo said...

Oh my god, Birdie, going tits up doesn't mean dying, it just means everything going to hell.

It's just too graphic as a death euphemism!!

Birdie said...

lol Everyone around here uses that saying to say you died. I guess it is the same as the saying, "Aren't you a sight for sore eyes". Some people mean it as a good thing and others mean it is a bad thing.

Birdie said...

Jo said...

Oh my! I'm mildly shocked! :)

Radish King said...

My whole house moved about five feet down the street. One heck of a wind storm STILL HAPPENING and floods and rumors of floods. As normal.

Radish King said...

ps. dentists echhh. also was it you turned my bathroom sink on and got your shoes wet? I think it was Margaret but she never fessed up to it. remember how I always burned a candle in the sink and also had a WARNING DO NOT USE SINK SIGN on the sink? it's still broken.

someday I'll live in a cardboard box with a fecking sink in it

beth coyote said...

You guys crack me up! And Rebecca-I'll be joining you in the box. We will have a sink and a bidet at least.

And no, it wasn't me who turned on the shoe wetting sink. I usually pay attention to warning signs.

Elizabeth said...

Aside from the fact that Mary Moon's comment freaks me out -- NO! -- I enjoyed this rambling post. Until the image of the cat and the rat. NO!