Saturday, January 10, 2015

My head is spinning, just paid my first Medicare bill. They certainly don't waste time, do they?

Got a fire going and listening to the Wailin' Jennies. Pretty girl harmonies. The dog is lying at my feet. I'm not sure what's wrong with him. He never lies at my feet. We're expecting a friend and her dog so he'll be barking and throwing himself around soon enough. Maybe the fire has hypnotized him.

I told my daughter that I intended to paint my house cream, yellow, mauve and orange. She despairs of me. What the hell. It's only paint. The house from the front will be so boring but when you get to the back!!!!! Colors. There's green window trim too.

I (gulp) bought three tickets to the UK and back yesterday. I had a travel agent do it. It was too confusing and frustrating for me to do it. We're al meeting in SF and flying from there. Eden and I need a flight (or tunnel or something) to Paris and back.

Here's the text messaging from her yesterday:

Mom, don't use those colors, are you sure? Maybe stay basic.

(me) The part facing the street will be totally boring.

Those tickets were all crazy expensive. And we're not flying back from Paris?

(me) Oops I forgot about flying back from Paris. I can call her on Monday and see if I can change them

Oh mom. It's ok. Paris is two hours from London.

(me) You're right. We could swim back.

YOU could swim back and I will ride a dolphin.

(me) LOL

Heathrow is a gnarly security airport. Scares me.

(me) So we shouldn't bring our revolvers?


(me) Ok, ok, I'll leave mine at home.


Elizabeth said...

Ya'll are funny. And the colors sound great. Do it!

N2 said...

I painted my California bungalow a pale periwinkle blue, with sea green trim and dark periwinkle on the window and door frames. I was working in Europe at the time of the painting and my brother was staying in my house/supervising. He called and emailed me to ask "Are you sure those are the colors you want??" I have never regretted it and get compliments on the colors all the time. I will soon have it painted nearly the same colors, the colors of twilight, as I call them.

Go with your gut. You are creating a space for You to be comfortable in. Colors have a vibration. Use the ones that feel good to you. x0 N2

Birdie said...

There is a house in our community that is pink with yellow trim. There is purple in there too. Too add to its magnificence, there are wood butterflies along the A-frame. Tell your daughter you are going to give that a try.

beth coyote said...

Thanks all and Birdie-Lol.