Wednesday, December 24, 2014

At night her halo lights up

In Calistoga at a spa for Maya's birthday. Gigantic swimming pool that's 95 degrees. Not really swimmable because you get in it and you just want to fall asleep. Had a volcanic mud bath yesterday and a massage. The California experience. California is a different planet than the rest of the US. People here are thinner and more fashionable and more organic than most of the world. Oh and more spiritually inclined in a fruity, hippy, ungrounded kind of way.

Perhaps I'm being unkind.

On the eve of Maya's actual birthday. Her birth was hard and painful and long. And I did it. I grew into being her mother even though I was young and arrogant and impossibly naive. And she became a beautiful, graceful and honest human being. She's a loving mother and my friend.

Today we're waking up to a cool morning, thinking about the ridiculous pool and the town of Calistoga for breakfast.

A friend just called from the East where she sits with her aged mother who is failing. They just got word that her sister has stage 4 breast cancer. Sorrow comes in and stirs and stirs.

As Maude says: "Ah, the great circle of life".


Ms. Moon said...

Our children- they are the alchemists who turn us into these hopefully better people we are.
Sorrow does indeed stir.
Enjoy your time among the different planetarians. Teach them how to be. Your daughter is beautiful.
Loving you...Mary

N2 said...

I love Calistoga, lived for 7 years in St Helena and went to the Calistoga Spa in the days when they had brown knit wool swimsuits you could borrow and it cost $3 for locals to use the baths. Whatever the cost, Enjoy it all!

beth coyote said...


N2-such sweet towns, Calistoga and St Helena. Brown wool swimsuits! Yikes.

jowdjbrown said...

she became a beautiful, graceful and honest human being. She's a loving mother and my friend.halo lights