Saturday, December 20, 2014

I got a letter from ~~~~Animal Control~~~~~~that my white curly headed dog has been running free or otherwise disturbing the property of others. And I better beware because they will come get him or I'll pay fines or worse (waterboarding?)

Geez, and I was telling some newly introduced neighbor folks how safe I feel in my new hood.  Who is watching me and ratting me out??? I run the Felix down the center of the street to the dead end and back. Yes, he strays onto a few parking strips. I always clean up after him.  He's harmless. Goofy, barky but friendly.

Who is it? I'll never know.

Ok, I'll be taking him to the park more often for his runs. He's not a leash kind of dog. Come to think of it, neither am I.

Obey the rules or else.

If dogs ran free, why can't we?

To California on Monday and Felix to dog camp where he can't get into trouble.


Jo said...

Gah. I just read of a woman whose dog got confiscated because she's a Staffy and she got out twice and ran up to another dog and a child. She hurt no one but the neighbour has it in for her. He locked her in his garden and called the police...

She got home again, but there are stupid people in this world. All the rules... and yet we shoot each other and abuse children and give mothers in labour PTSD every day.

Sabine said...

In my street, it was the sweet blue rinse lady who ratted on us. Can't remember what it was she objected to - but I have tried to be mean to her ever since and no luck.
I also tried being nice and no luck either.
Some people are like that.

Enjoy California!

Betsy said...

I wish Felix could go here:

Although the owners came to a sad end. A very sad end. The dogs don't know that, though, and still love it.

It's too bad no one had the guts to talk to you directly, eh? My kids have been asking when they can watch Felix. I said I don't know.

Have a fantastic trip. xoxoxo

beth coyote said...


Sabine-thanks, California tomorrow.

Betsy-a sad end?? Why? Were they eaten by their dogs? I love the flying dogs. And the acres.

I'll have to give Felix a weekend with your children. In january, K?