Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I'm going tomorrow to my healthcare place for a lecture/discussion of MEDICARE as I turn 65 in a few months. Lordy. They have sent me vast reams of paper with dense writing to help me consider all my choices. Ah, well, um. I haven't a clue without some guidance what to choose.

Then there's the annual letter from social security reminding me that at retirement age (66? 67? 103?) I will get X amount of $$ and please don't think I can live on this amount. Fool.

Meanwhile, the remodel lumbers along. I have windows and a roof and they've strung up light bulbs for a truly ghetto look. Still I huddle in front of the fire every night with movies from the library and my dear NYT.

Next Monday I leave for California to visit the kinder and then off to a meditation retreat. Back after January first. The pregnant ladies are flying through the door so next year is looking pretty healthy.

Dina was as marvelous as ever. I'll leave you with this song from Seattle's premier chanteuse.


Ms. Moon said...

I give up to it all.
I am feeling so done. Done and done and waiting for...shit. Beth.
I have not the least molecule of wanting to believe. Bless you and bless Dina.
Bless life coming and bless life going.
That's all I can say.

Elizabeth said...

I almost wished that I had not read your post because I remembered my own SS amounts that I'm supposed to live on one day, but then I listened to the music and thought about all those babies and all was well.