Friday, October 17, 2014

You know, I always wondered about Joan Armatrading, O glorious Joan whose albums were with me as a budding young lesbo. And I saw her a few times in concert. I mostly swooned but I remember dancing to her music in the living room of an old girlfriend's house and feeling such joy, in her music, in my new found liberation, in life. Joan Armatrading=rebirth.

So I took another run at old Joanie, and guess what? Uh huh, she's GAY as in QUEER etc. She married her g'friend a few years ago. All the while maintaining that her music was most important, not her sexual orientation. Well, I know that but sheesh.

I mean, really. And Annie Leibowitz spent four days with her, to get the right photo. Yeah, well, of course. I'd spend four days with her too. At least.

Sometimes we just know things about people. Our people. 

My house is at a standstill. The BGBGs show up and ponder and mess around a bit and then leave. The concrete guys have not been back. I'd love to have some stairs to the basement. It would be so cool to do laundry without having to climb up and down a ladder.

Rob said lately that he really thinks we should just 'gut' the kitchen because the wiring is so screwy and the plumbing is, well, you get the picture....sob..... Ok, and what will that cost? I'm hoping I can get all this done without a) dying first b) going into massive debt or c) suffering some as yet undisclosed ailment which will render me unfit for my chosen occupation and I then fall into penury and end up in debtor's prison or in a box under the viaduct. ( I always wanted to use the word penury)

The rain is raining all around. The tarp roof mostly keeps the house dry. The flapping in the wind excites the dog who lets me know by barking. And barking. 

Felix jumps on people. So annoying. I MUST break him of the habit. I'm getting close to a dog trainer situation.  He ignores me. He's mostly a good dog except for that. Kind of like a 2 year old who says 'no' a lot. At other times, when no one is around, he's funny and endearing so you figure you'll hang onto him a few more days. 

O Joan, I would have so dated you. Guess after 40 years, it's too late. Sigh. 


Ms. Moon said...

May always refers to someone as being "part of our family" when we meet up with someone of our tribe. Our tribe consisting of many variations of the interesting ways people can be on this earth.
That's vague. Well.
Some stories are not mine to tell.
And you know what? I would have dated Joan too and I'm not gay. Some humans are just too glorious for those sort of things to matter.
Kitchen gutting? Oh Lord, honey.
May all be well. May Felix learn not to jump on people.
Loving you from Lloyd on a beautiful morning.

Sabine said...

Joan Armatrading was the soundtrack to my university years and later, I went to see her live in Dublin while still breastfeeding with my screaming baby pampered by granny and a poorly pumped supply of my milk she outright rejected. She survived and it was worth it.
My daughter tells me that she got great help from the BBC dog training videos on youtube.

Looks barking mad.

Elizabeth said...

I, too, loved Joan Armatrading during a certain period of my life and am glad to be reminded of her tonight.

As for house troubles and debt, I have some, too, that involved ancient pipes and washers. Ugh.