Thursday, October 09, 2014


Before any more time elapses, I have two stories.

Part 1

On Sunday, I walked der dog to the lake and went to a new beach, closer to my house. Lovely sunny day, a few people on the grass, about 4 in the afternoon. Felix swam and ran and then I noticed a trail that went through the trees. I though, hell, it's a short trail and why not. So I leashed the animal and forged ahead---until I came upon a woman lying on her back on a bench with her, um, pants down and a guy at the business end, um, having, er, sex with her. At first I was confused. Why is the lady hanging off the bench? Why can I see her ass? Why is the man pulling up his pants. Oh, ah, well, ahem.

So I brilliantly said, "Seriously?????" And, "Take that inside". And I marched on to the end of the trail.  I have naked stories, I do. But this was the first time for a sex in the park in broad daylight story.

Part II

Last night I went to ecstatic dance. I know, they're kinda lame and I really love my 5 rhythms but I was itching to dance with wild abandon during the full moon. So I went. On the dance floor was a man with no arms, just hands at his shoulders. He danced with all the ladies and a few men.

We just wanna move our bodies, our imperfect bodies. It was a full moon. The music was loud and wonderful. We sweated and twirled and shouted with joy.

And some of us have sex in the park.


Elizabeth said...

You are the absolute best. I loved both of your stories and how you told them. Yes, let's all dance under the full moon. And I hate to say it, but I'd even welcome some sex on a bench in the park in the day. Whew.

Sabine said...

Oh well, why don't we do it on the road? Remember?

I once brought my elderly granny in her best black Sunday outfit on a river cruise for the day, going past castles and stuff and a guide explaining the sights via megaphone. At one stage, we all spied a couple having sex in the reeds on the shore and my granny quickly tried to cover my eyes. I was well over 20 but never mind.

Ms. Moon said...

Isn't it funny how our minds just can't quite grasp the obvious at such times?
Full moon dancing. When was the last time for me? Lord, I do not know.
I tell you what I DO know: I adore you.

Betsy said...

I'm kind of with Elizabeth on this.
And right this minute, I'm grateful for having arms.

beth coyote said...


Sabine-Oh dear. I'm sure you were forever polluted by that event! Granny tried.

Mary-Sometimes the brain just goes pfttt! and does a wee explosion. Naked butt in the park pfttt!

beth coyote said...

And Betsy-A secluded Duvall bench...hmmm. All you need is the 'right' guy.