Sunday, May 11, 2014

Um,  I weed wacked my leg and foot. Ouch. And my washer and dryer washed and dried my clothes, unlike the previous pair. There are miracles in this world even with some interesting whipped leg/foot action. Ouch really.


Ms. Moon said...

Did it cut you or just bruise you? Either way- OUCH!
Washers and dryers that work, as well as beds which are more comfortable than anything we could imagine are all miracles.
I recognize and appreciate mine daily.

Birdie said...

I take for granted my washer and dryer. They are so reliable and make life so much easier.

Were you wearing flip flops? Lesson learned? That is an oucheewawa!

Sabine said...

Dancing has its hazards. No?

beth coyote said...

Cut and bruised. that'll learn me to wear sandals while mowing the grass!


Sabine-dancing saves me every week.