Sunday, May 18, 2014

Another baby yesterday, that's two in three days. This one was way outside the city but we made it. Eden and Mel are here and we were at Pike Market about to order oyster po'boys when I got the call. Whaaaaaaaa. But Rosemary had a party last night and I got there (late) but in time for a drink and Vietnamese spring rolls. So very delicious.

Today is the second open house. Apparently there were about 30 people through yesterday and four interested couples. And there is one couple who are doing a 'pre-inspection' on Monday and the woman was at the house yesterday with a measuring tape to see if her stuff would fit. Good sign.

Stay tuned. Tuesday afternoon Rose and I review offers and pick one. Lordy.

Eden and Mel are talking in my bedroom. I happily gave up my bed to them so I'm sleeping on the couch with the katz.

The Book of Mormon is coming to Seattle again and I ordered two tickets. maybe Clark will go with me. I deserve to see it again.

It's a whirlwind around here. Eden wants to do everything in four days. Not possible but we can try...


Ms. Moon said...

Your life is as full as blooming arbor of wisteria.
May your house sell quickly and for lots and lots of dollars. May ALL of your dreams come true.

Jo said...

My god, that's a beautiful house. It's like ... it's perfect. It looks unreally pefect. The garden! The basement! The bedroom, the hottub, the floors! Someone's going to snap that up so fast!

beth coyote said...

Dear Mary-indeed.

Jo-and they did!

Jo said...

Ha, yay! :D