Tuesday, May 13, 2014

This child is coming to visit this week.

My old house goes on the market this weekend. Gulp. It   looks so beautiful after painting,  gardening, staging, weird wide angle photos etc. http://rmpham.com/test-post/2014/5/13/3959-s-ferdinand-st-seattle

Take a look. Thirteen years of remodeling, gardening, fussing and there you have it.

In the meantime, that house is my assurance that I can live in my new house very cheaply and even think about retirement or something.

I'm at my kitchen table watching the light fade over the mountains and the greenbelt. I love it. I do.

Oh and um, Lynn is leaving tomorrow and there are 10 ladies on the brink of delivery. Wish me luck.


Ms. Moon said...

Good Lord! Can I buy your old house?
Ten babies?

Mel said...

Good lord is right! That is the most impressive listing I've seen in a long time. Such color and light and perfection. You should sell in no time :)
and yes, that's a lot of babies...

N2 said...

What a gorgeous house. I don't think I could bear to leave it, were it mine. It will sell in a flash and finance your retirement, when/if you are able to stop catching babies. x0 N2

beth coyote said...

Mary, sure> And we can sit around and drink martinis on the deck.

Mel-I'll be fine-hahahahahahaha!

N2-yup and I have no regrets. It's a lot to maintain...by myself.