Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I closed on my new house today. Which means I gave the escrow company a large check and the nice lady ran her nice finger down rows of pages where I initialed and signed and she explained taxes and mortgage insurance and homeowner's insurance and earnest money and many more, no doubt, important fees. Gulp.

Then Felix and I went for a walk in the rain. I think I am mostly packed. No, really. The animals are perching on the few remaining perches. They are unperturbed.

Meanwhile I think I'll go dancing in order to get the gremlins out. The inner gremlins. Tomorrow is a clinic day and I'm sure I'll be able to find some suitable clothes to wear.

PS. I washed a pillow and it came apart in the dryer. Uh-huh, I even have feathers in my nose. And you should have seen the basement. General merriment was had by all.


Ms. Moon said...

The best part of me is saying that the feathers are a message that you are about to fly.
The worst part of me says that that was a fucking cluster fuck of an exploded feather pillow and one more fucking thing to deal with.

A said...

Congratulations! With feathers.

Birdie said...

A busted feather pillow is part of cat heaven!

Yay on the new house!

Sabine said...

Lots of happiness for you in the new home!

Radish King said...

Oh congratulations and Animal God blessings on your new house. I want to come play my violin there.

Marylinn Kelly said...

Having been absent from your blog for what I thought, in my self-delusion, was a short time, I find many things have changed for you and it was not a short time. My belated good wishes and any blessings I can muster for your new house, along with gentle thoughts and other blessings for what you have had to experience the past few months. Great peace and happiness in the New. Wouldn't Rebecca's violin be a call to all the gods? xo

beth coyote said...



Birdie-onwards and upwards

Sabine :-)

RK-oh, would you? Could you? There is a yum veg restaurant down here we could go to..

Marylinn-yes and thanks and yes