Friday, March 28, 2014

I have actually packed a lot of my stuff in boxes already. And I could be totally delusional. I fear the kitchen. Maybe I'll just give everything to Goodwill and start over. I keep buying food. I think I'm heading toward famine because I'm moving a few miles south and they have no food there. I won't be able to walk to my favorite Coop anymore :-( well I could and climb the little mountain to my house with provisions in a backpack. Imagine my muscular thighs after a few months of that.

I shamelessly flirted with a woman at the dog park after I learned she is a plumber. Shameless, I tell you. I got her number. She's impossibly young compared to me. Then again, almost everyone is impossibly young compared to me. I fool people with a lot of swearing and immature behavior.

My tenant of seven years is moving out. It's the end of an era.

I'm watching really bad science fiction right now. Really bad. So I don't have to face the packing situation. I'm afraid all my stuff won't fit into my new house (well, why would it, silly person) because I'm going from many rooms to a few.

I gave my bed away and now I'm sleeping on a pallet among boxes of books.

The whole thing is making me feel queasy. That's what the bad sci-fi is for.


Betsy said...

Do not fear the kitchen, my friend in Jesus. The kitchen is where so much goodness happens. But yes, get rid of stuff. Start over.

I'm glad your house is working out. Yahoo, as they say. I almost said, "yoo-hoo", but that's a different thing altogether.


beth coyote said...

You could say yoo-hoo, as in yoo-hoo, I'm over here. How will I ever get a towering pile of The Sun to you. US Mail?

There is just a mountain of stuff, isn't there?

Your pal,


Radish King said...

I am excited and inspired by your imminent move. A chance to start over. Newness an adventure. You've made me start dreaming color again. I love you.

Ms. Moon said...

Yes. I think we are all living vicariously through you right this second. You are going to let go and let god and make a new nest and be free of old, mouldering things and maybe you'll have a gorgeous new girlfriend WHO IS A PLUMBER! and maybe you could date an electrician lady on the side.
I do that same thing with swearing and immature behavior. Sadly, I fool no one.
I love you, Beth Coyote!