Thursday, March 27, 2014

BTW-the sellers ARE fixing the sewer line and giving me $5000 against the electrical so all is not lost. I just thought I'd get some $$ from this house to throw at the new one. We'll see. There must be a rich Amazon person  who will adore my current house and pay lots of cash for it so I HAVE NO MORTGAGE.  This is the point. Besides, the new neighborhood is quiet and peaceful and dead-ended. No cars roaring by. A private back yard, even though it is tiny. I will continue with these stupid updates until a) the house closes and b) my current house sells. All before May, when we go roaring into gear with a lotta babies. Meanwhile, empty boxes call to me to be filled.

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Ms. Moon said...

Hoping your present house gets the HUGE big bucks. Ask a hell of a lot for it. That's always my strategy and it always works. It might take a while but be patient.