Wednesday, March 26, 2014

39 years ago Eden was born in our bedroom with our family doctor Joel and my friend Donna in attendance. My water broke at about 6:30 AM and while Steve scrambled to change the sheets and I tried to figure out what the hell was going on, the contractions were slamming me like a freight train. My sister took Maya, about 2 1/2, downstairs to read books and have breakfast. About 8AM, Eden came flying out, to the amazement of us all.

I had visions of candlelight and soft music (Bach's Brandenburg). I have no idea if candles were lit and the Bach was terribly annoying, all that plinking and the girl was coming on her own time, in a rush of heat and light.

There is one picture of us, wet baby on my chest and my sweaty face and tangled hair. Labor is a roller coaster and all the change flew out of my pockets, leaving me breathless on the bed. Joel left for Passover Seder in New York and Steve went to class. When his teacher found out he'd had a baby that day, he sent him home. Steve wore a tie in celebration.

That girl is now a beauty and a wonder still. Restless, brilliant, talented, a world traveler; she is my fretful lamb, always seeking the stronger view, the higher plane, the wide life she claims for herself. And we tag along after our adventurer, our visionary, our bright light.

Happy birthday, sweetheart. I love you eternally.



Ms. Moon said...

And happy birth day to you.
I just spoke to my Jessie today about how one of the things I am most proud about from my entire life is how I gave birth.
At home. With all of the pain and there was pain! no doubt! And yet, the miracle of it could not have been born any other way. I believe that.
I am so grateful that all turned out well for all of us who birthed our babies as we were truly intended.
Sending love...M

Birdie said...

It is a holy thing to bring a child into this world. A happy day to both of you.

And an hour and a half! She came flying out, indeed!

A said...

What a stunning beauty your daughter is!

Sabine said...

Happy birthday Eden, happy birthday Eden Mother!

I had to laugh hard in recognition and memory. All the candles and the chanting (!) and subdued lights and what ever. At some point I just told them all to get the fuck out of the room and let me get on with it.

beth coyote said...

Dearest Mary-Indeed, and I've been working for the benefit of all mommas everywhere who want to birth on their own terms.

Birdie-she flew out-we couldn't have been more amazed.

A-yes, she is. And you should see her sister!

Sabine-hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Right?