Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Just back from Vader, WA and the woods, forest retreat place and it's FUCKING HOT here? What have we done, people, to be living in this humid hell? We live here because we like rain and salmon and herons and (join hands here and begin a wee chorus of Kumbaya, swaying slightly) not this blistering heat.

I'm going down to the lake and get in. My neck and back are marginally better and tomorrow begins the dance workshop til Sunday. How, you ask, can I dance with an effed up spine? I have no idea. I may lie on the floor the whole time. The very idea makes me tired.

No one is cooking any dinner. Whaaaaa. (spoiled baby noises, etc.) Retreat is not exactly heavenly but you can disconnect from electronics, be fed and consider your deepest fears and anxieties. Hard to explain but I am compelled. Besides, the teacher tells a story every night about the Buddha and the search for the end of suffering. And as I demonstrated so ably at the beginning of this post, it's working out just fine.

Love and kisses,

Beth, the post-dharma retreat harpy


Ms. Moon said...

What? You're back already? I've been talking so much I hardly realized you were gone!
Seriously- I've missed you.
It'll cool down soon. I bet it will.
And I have missed you. For real.

Birdie said...

Damn, the heat. It is so hot here today and it is making me cranky. I did not take my Harmony Menopause for 2 days and it has been one long hot flash.

Radish King said...

thank you for bringing the mist back with you. love love love

Radish King said...

Dear Coyote I ordered a storm for you today and some good strong tea and a warm scone with fresh raspberry jam and clotted cream.

Marylinn Kelly said...

Saw your rain was back when it commandeered the football game last night. A tiny speck of order in the universe. xo