Friday, September 20, 2013

I went out to gather grapes for the annual jelly making extravaganza and ended up out there for three hours chopping and pulling weeds, making a huge mess. I was in my pajamas, no underwear. Really. And many neighbors cam by to chat while I was bent over, still feeling nauseous and feverish. Now I'm lying on my bed to quell the skittery stomach. No desire to eat. At all. Hell of a diet. And I do love food.

I still have to take the dog to the park and head over to the big box store for sugar, pectin and jars. And clean out the chicken coop. Or maybe I'll be indolent and watch old movies all day. Many times in my life, getting sick was the only vacation I ever got. That is pathetic.

I've been painting. The big canvas is gesso'd and ready for something. Not sure what. Yellow maybe.


Ms. Moon said...

Nurse Mary

Sabine said...

Go and watch movies all day. Jelly making can wait.

beth coyote said...

Thanks, you guys. I feel much better today. Really.


Radish King said...

You always paint this time of year and your paintings reflect the sky. The wind this morning sounds like Mrs. Whatsit in A Wrinkle In Time is about to pay us a visit.

beth coyote said...

Dear R-yes, the sky. As it changes and moves.