Thursday, September 19, 2013

I'm still in bed after I got clobbered yesterday with a 24 hour bug-the works, shitting, barfy, nausea and a wicked headache. After 10 days of retreat and dancing, flung right back into work until collapse. The blue Honda is back from the hospital. The dog is flopped over on his bed and the cat is right here beside me.

The day is gorgeous so I'm getting up and behaving like a normal person.

Half the house is now painted and looks lovely. The other half next year after I've paid for this half.

My brain feels like an overripe melon. The kind you give to the chickens.


Sabine said...

Agh. Hope everything will improve soon. Ginger tea if you can handle it. What a gorgeous picture on top of your blog!!!

Ms. Moon said...

Why is life so decidedly unfair? I do not want you to be sick.
At all.
Be easy on yourself, dear woman. Welcome back.

Lisa (aka Mollie's mom) said...

Feel better.

Mel said...

Ugh, a flu bug. It was making the rounds here, but so far we are spared. Half my daughter's team was sick with one of two awfuls last week, I'm trying not to turn into a full blown germ phobe.

I hope you are feeling better, that dehydration always kicks my ass, and puking makes me cry. I feel for you.

And the kind of melon you give to chickens, I loved that line. You are awesome even when you feel like shit. Get better.

beth coyote said...

Sabine-photo filched from National Geographic site. And yes, ginger tea and ginger ale!!

Mary XXX

Lisa-thanks and welcome

Mel-you know that type of melon. The one you can put your finger through. Not right.