Saturday, November 19, 2011

It is most cold out and there is a cat yowling out there. It makes me crazy. I call and call. It might be a tuxedo I've been seeing around the hood. The pound says they have no room because of a 'hoarding' situation, someone with 47 cats, now all at the pound. Cats need a warm couch and regular meals and some humans to pet them and tolerate their shenanegans.

Surgery on Tuesday. Then we find out if it's better or worse.

I went swimming today. If you cry into your goggles, the seal breaks and you get chlorine in your eyes. Just an FYI.

I'm not crying mostly. Because I need to be strong and shit. And anyway, we'll know more on Tuesday. After Tuesday.

Tonight we went to the movies and ran into the oncologist with his kid. Weird. He has very white teeth and a big smiley smile. See you Tuesday, Mr Teeth.


Sabine said...

Not so sure whether being strong helps, just be your soft and loving selves and stay close. From one who has been ├╝ber reluctant to accept the wonders of modern medicine, let me tell you, there are true wonders out there, whizzkids and magicians. Even with white teeth. I am hoping all the best for you.

Ms. Moon said...

I know we say this to each other all the time but honestly- I really wish I could just hug you. Take you in and hug you.

beth coyote said...

Sabine-good advice. White teeth and a level head and reassuring news. That's what I want from Teeth man.

Ms Moon-XXX I feel the hug.