Sunday, November 20, 2011

Holly and I are going hiking today so pray for us that we don't end up in a ditch cuz of the ice and our fingers don't freeze off. It's too beautiful a day to stay inside. I know Radish is checking on fish so we're gonna see about the mountains and the leaves at the top of a trail. Pictures to follow. That is, if I don't fall in a ditch or end up transfixed by the brilliant.


Ms. Moon said...

I love everything about that picture, by the way.
I feel certain y'all survived with all fingers intact.

beth coyote said...

That's daughter #2 in LA. A delicious garden/library/playgrounds/ art gallery left to the city by some rich rich person.

And we did survive. We also fortified with a hot tub and sauna at the end. There was SNOW.