Sunday, November 06, 2011

I'm back from a wee retreat in Oregon, the house is effing freezing and my honey is sick. Suffice it to say that she probably needs an operation and we're worried. But brave in that effed up TV way, hearty and suave.

Actually, we're just scared so we hold hands on the couch and watch Nurse Jackie.

I can't really say more. It's too close to G-day and it's seriously freezing in the house. The cats are trying to sit on my head.

I'm going for a long walk with all my clothes on, even my pajamas.


Ms. Moon said...

Oh no. Oh lah. Keep holding hands and it will be all right. I swear.
Keep holding hands. Keep walking.

beth coyote said...

Thanks, lamb chop.

Radish King said...

so glad you're there for each other and that you're there for each other for G-day too.
love and love