Thursday, June 16, 2011

*******My car is ready, my car is fixed******* This is music, celebration, the noises of cherubim. My very own car with car smell and random sporty stuff in the back in case I want to hike, swim, bike etc. Crumbs from numerous snacks and nutty bits and an umbrella and notes about music I heard and wrote it down so later I could look it up and my own cup holder and pre-programmed radio stations and the spare change slot where I put $$ and cents for the folks with the cardboard signs and my little statue of Quan Yin on the dash and bumper stickers and scratched up bumper and ding in the windshield it's all perfect like real life a bit bumpy and brilliant and being a lunar eclipse in it's own celestial group my car my blueberry car.


Ms. Moon said...

Our cars are like our little wheel-houses, aren't they?

beth coyote said...

Oh yes they are. Our houses floating through traffic keeping us safe with the music BLASTING.