Sunday, February 13, 2011

Recipe for heart-brokenness.

Take your favorite sweetheart to breakfast, then to the hot tub place with a sauna and steam bath. Marinate and sweat. Cry on her shoulder. Make a huge dinner with lentil soup and roasted garlic and homemade apple sauce. Watch the latest Sherlock Holmes from the BBC. Imagine you are a high-functioning sociopath like Sherlock. With zero social skills.

Pet Lola, the dumb but beautiful cat. Go outside in your bathrobe and allow the wind and moonlight to wash you. Clean. Sit in your bed and watch the radio towers on Queen Ann Hill blink on and off.


call me any name said...

Oh, I hope that it works!

beth coyote said...

Thanks. It seemed to.

Radish King said...

Imagine you are a high-functioning sociopath with zero social skills.

I imagine I am all the time.