Friday, February 18, 2011

One of our babies was born last night. I would have too, with the full blowsy moon lighting up everything like it did. And a daytime rainbow. I was gardening, raking last year's leaves and whacking away at the fallen. Oh, and digging up the grape hyacinths. They are impervious to eradication, try as I might. Now there's four bags of yard waste by the curb. I wore a beautiful new (thrift store) shirt to garden in. Why do I do this? It is covered with mud which usually doesn't come out. I also do this with shoes even though I have several pairs of gardening shoes. No, I wade out into the garden in a new pair of shoes so I can get them irreversibly caked with garden mud. Why o why? Maybe I think Home and Garden is coming to photograph and I want to look my best.

Off to my teaching job. Maybe we'll go outside for the afternoon and contemplate the huge herb garden.

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