Friday, February 25, 2011

I'm on O'hau right now, looking out over the town and the mountains and the ocean. With my baby. In the sun. It is paradise. I can hear the mourning doves. The mountains are sharp and pointy and VERY STEEP. I thought today was my birthday but it isn't. It's the day before my birthday. Ha! We're going to go down to the water again and see and swim with more fishes. I saw puffer fish and neons and parrot fish and multicolored fish I don't know their names. The land here is temporary because the volcanoes pushed up the melted rocks yesterday and then the seeds blew in and grew palm trees and hibiscus flowers and orchids and many other houseplants. And here they are huge and they grow up things, like your car.

I could just go over and jump in the pool but I'm saving myself for the ocean. Which is everywhere all around.


Radish King said...

oh god it sounds like heaven heaven. I'm happy for you.

Oh oh oh ocean.

I think I'll go tomorrow.


beth coyote said...

The ocean here is like aggies, the kind your brother had when he won all the marbles. And warm, so warm and salty. No wonder whales and turtles like it here.

Love, Beth

Valerie Loveland said...

I am jealous!