Sunday, September 26, 2010

Medgar Evers Pool has underwater lights that change colors, from blue to green to purple. The first time I swam there, I thought I was having a stroke. Now I'm used to it. I imagine that I'm swimming the jade green river that runs through Glacier National Park, then I'm in Crater Lake, then I'm in the Pacific off Maui, all within 5 minutes.

I wish they'd add some turtles.

I'm performing a wedding in Maui in March so I'll be able to swim with turtles. They're dreamy with front flippers and beautiful eyes. The signs say not to touch them but one morning I was the only one in the water and there were 6 turtles all around me. I touched one, just a little. They're my real family, my water family. I heart sea turtles.

That's it for squishy posts. I won't do it again. Sorry.


Radish King said...

You made me dream of turtles this morning. Keep up with the squishy.

beth coyote said...

Thanks, R. I didn't even go on about the tropical fish, esp the blue neons.

I'd rather live in the ocean than here.