Saturday, September 18, 2010

I'm waiting for a baby. One of my colleagues wrote a book about her career as a midwife, her very long career. I looked up the publisher of her book because, well, I admit, I was jealous. The publisher publishes Christian books because we aren't saved unless we've been washed in blood, something I wasn't aware of. I'm apparently a terrible sinner and completely unredeemable. And I don't want to bathe in blood. It just doesn't interest me. Besides, it's gross. I don't think it's what JC had in mind.

I'll probably be struck by lightening and my hair will ignite. But I'll be in good company. You know who you are. All because of my publishing jealousy.



Radish King said...

Your time will come my darling midwife. I promise you that. And you won't have to go through a Christian publishing house either. Small presses rule!

beth coyote said...

Thank you, R, for your continued support. Crucifixes burn my skin.