Sunday, June 06, 2010

The air is moist and seductive. I can wring out handfuls of air. The hornets are back, banging into the windows. I'm going to walk to the lake now and take another look at the goslings. Such a lovely word, gosling. I want to be a gosling, meet a gosling, wear a dress as slender as goslings. Goslings were posted at the edge of town. I found three goslings under the back porch. I fed them pomegranate and brie. I saw a terrific movie about a lonely gosling who wrote pulp mysteries for a living and kept cheetahs as pets.

*The goslings at Seward Park lie in clumps, in nesting clumps. You can tell which nesting group hatched first, they're different sizes. Goose eggs are about 9 inches in size. Their incubation period is about 30 days. On the ground, geese are called a gaggle. In the air they're called a wedge or a skein. During migration, geese can fly as much as 650 miles a day. They can live for 30 years and they mate for life. *

I once ate a Canada goose. I'm sorry. I was a child and still doing what my parents told me to.

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