Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Today I picked up a plate and dashed it to the floor. My therapist suggested this as a way to express my anger. It scared me and the cats. It was really loud. I was afraid to break any more dishes after the first one. When I get a new set of dishes, I am sure my old dishes will meet a similar fate. If you ever have an ex living directly under your living room ( with a new lover), you may feel like smashing dishes with a resounding crash, sending the cats skittering off to the basement.

I like my therapist right now. She has some good ideas. And she is keeping me from being self-destructive, well mostly.

I leave for Nepal and India in about 5 weeks. Egad. A big adventure. A friend wants me to ride an elephant for her. I' m not sure that is technically possible. She said elephant skin is tough and the hairs are thick and spiky.



Valerie Loveland said...

How long is this living arrangement going to go on? Sounds tough.

beth coyote said...

When pigs fly.

April said...

I'm pretty sure that riding an elephant would make me cry.