Sunday, September 28, 2008

Golden Sunday, spent 5 days with J. Falling leaves, turning Autumn, reminds me of the Northeast. Always a longing for fall back there, the smell of burning, newly made cider, my father and his dogs readying themselves for duck hunting. My father cleaning guns in the basement, dogs whining to go, into the station wagon, duck blinds, decoy ducks, brothers cleaning ducks on the cellar stairs. 

J reminds me, 3 weeks from today I will be on a plane to Hong Kong, then Katmandu, half way around the world, egad. The pile of travel stuff grows in my bedroom, time to winnow, no I don't need to take 4 pairs of pants. The collapsible meditation bench worked out this morning and it only weighs 4 pounds. Time to get out of the US, collapsing all around us. 

I haven't written a thing in 5 days. Too distracted. 

I;m wearing my grandfather's ring right now, crazy gold double headed snake ring with rubies for eyes and diamonds down their backs. Ridiculous.  


Dana said...

Yes. Go. Get out while you can. ;)

The ring sounds awesome.

beth coyote said...

And it won't be my fault