Sunday, June 15, 2008

today was glorious so I went for a (sic) hike. there was so much snow the trails were buried. hilarious to watch the families with dogs and babies in backpacks struggling along. most wearing sneakers and tee-shirts. father's day and all. I fell down a few times but mostly slid along. here and there the trail was clear and there was a pool with a large chunk of ice floating in it, skunk cabbage coming up and ringed with trillium, so much later than the city. the creek was booming over the rocks. then I went to yoga and did a shoulder stand, all by myself. it seems wrong to be looking at my thighs upside down. however, the teacher was very nice to me while I wobbled around. I love my yoga teacher. she talks about Hindu saints and she sings to us. she didn't put eye pillows on our eyes today. I was a little disappointed but I got over it.

Apparently, underneath my brother's death is my MOTHER. gawd, not again.

Wishbone has gotten into an unhealthy relationship with a neighborhood cat. his ear is all bloody and he complains when I treat it. then I squirt antibiotic in his mouth. he hates me.

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