Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I went to see Young @ Heart, a movie about old people in a choir, not just any choir either. They 'cover' Talking Heads, Coldplay and James Brown. When they did I Feel Good, the crowd went wild. Their average age is 82 or something. The oldest member (92) said if she ever died onstage, they should just haul her off and keep singing.

The suicide walk is in 2 weeks and I haven't raised all the money yet. I am so lame. One member of my support group has raised $13,000!!!! I can't even raise $1000. Gawd, why is is I don't have rich friends?

I watched Barack give his acceptance speech last night. We are going to have a smart, kind, decent black president, as I live and breathe. Unbelievable. He was even nice to Hillary. How is it that some people seem trustworthy and sincere? If John McCain gets in, I'm going to Canada.

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Laura Gamache said...

Put me down for $25. How? When?