Monday, March 17, 2008

Oh dear, I'm watching a docu about the pope. I better go to bed. I'm getting choked up. Cripes.

I just signed up for an overnight 20 mile walk to raise $$ for suicide prevention. Fun! I'll be asking you up for dollars. I have to raise a thousand of them.

I sent poetry in tonight. And I tried recording myself on my MAC. Of course, a plane flew overhead very loud, dogs barked and the guy across the street started his junker, which he revs up EVERY MORNING FOR 20 MINUTES. So once again I went to the apple store for supplies, this time an external mic but they didn't let me in cuz they were closing. I think I can find my way there without looking.

OK, so to be a saint you have to have 2 miracles AFTER you die. Dang. How does that happen?? My friend Negesti was a saint, I'm pretty sure. Oh, wait, a nun was cured of Parkinson's so the pope has one more miracle to go. Wow.

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